What about the Cabinets?


Somethings that often go unnoticed or can be completely overlooked when designing and purchasing your new kitchen is the attention to detail and the focus that goes into your shiny new cabinets. Whether or not your designer has brought it to your attention or indeed if you have even thought about it in the first place, the cabinets and their interiors are often very much overlooked in the detail and planning of many kitchens. With the client and the designer, both trying to get the anaesthetics of the kitchen just right often the practicality or essential functions can be overlooked.

What are my cabinets made of? This very much depends on the density of the MFC board your kitchen company is providing. There are varying qualities of thickness with 18mm been quite standard across the industry. 22mm is also used and is found quite often in the gable ends. You will find this used in the better stores as opposed to the mass manufacturers.

Its the density of the board which will hold your hinges and screws in place longer than the less expensive low-density board. Always ask your designer or salesperson about which board is used. If you are on a design budget, we would recommend choosing MDF over MFC for more water and humidity prone units like the sink unit for instance. This will increase the life of your kitchen, and you were avoiding repairs in the future.

 Some companies will say they are selling "real wood", but the reality is they are just selling nothing more than plywood. The fact is plywood is significantly less expensive than real wood. You typically find this sales pitch in a lot of the franchises and large manufactures where they are only interested in cutting corners and increasing profit margins. Often you can find supposedly "real wood" doors fitted in a new kitchen with only MFC gable ends. The low price is almost always reflected in the cheap materials used, and the results are quite evident after 1 or 2 years when the solid doors start to mature in colour, and the gables remain the same because they are only MFC. What should I do? Never buy a solid wood kitchen unless the sides are veneered. You are tricked otherwise hence the price.

Next, we have Polished plywood veneer. It can look and feel like they are made from real wood. They are the next best thing to the real wood. Obviously, it costs more than Plywood, but the finish and quality are fantastic. If money is no object, then we recommend going for real wood as it naturally is the best choice and lasts a lifetime or several for that matter if looked after. With polished veneer, you will also get a uniform grain throughout the kitchen


Just make sure when you are getting your quotations in for your kitchen that you always get what Cabinets you want and not what the manufacturer is just given you. Don't be afraid to look at the material. Ask for a sample and cross cuttings to see what its made of.

Since 1992 at Bryson's we have always delivered on our promise and have never taken advantage of our customer's naivety or lack of knowledge, in fact, we like to share our knowledge and bespoke expertise in the design and installation of beautifully designed kitchens and bedrooms all over Ireland for the past 25 years.


Word of mouth has been the mainstay of our friendly business, and we want to continue to preserve it into the future.





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