How to Coordinate Your Kitchen Colours with Your Surfaces and Cabinets

When designing your new kitchen, there are many choices to make including paint colour, layout, appliances, cabinets and surfaces. With all of these important factors on your mind, how do you choose the colours that work best with your walls, your countertops and your cabinets?

At Bryson Kitchens, we get asked this a lot, so we decided to create this informative article which will help you do just that. Anytime you are choosing the paint colour for a room, the colours that are already present in the rest of the room must be considered. This is particularly the case of your kitchen, and whether you are designing a brand new one, or remodelling your current kitchen, the following tips will make the design process easier and give you a kitchen that you will be proud to show off.

By first deciding the theme for your kitchen, you can start planning the colours and textures of it. Do you want a kitchen that is relaxed and timeless? Or do you want one that is full of energy and makes a statement? This will help you choose the colour and then get you set up to coordinate the rest of your kitchen.

Narrow your colour choices to a select few and test them out on the wall. Once you find the one that you like, stick with it and start designing. Remember, it is only painted, and if you don’t like it, later on, you can always change it.

Now that you have a paint colour chosen, it is time to choose surfaces, cabinets and other design features of your kitchen. Your cabinets and surfaces must have a harmony when placed together, and your paint choice will tie them together. If you choose colours or surfaces that are not compatible, you will end up with a kitchen disaster instead of a kitchen dream.

Here are some helpful tips on choosing cabinets and surfaces that coordinate:

1. When shopping for cabinets, bring along paint swatches to ensure the colours coordinate. Do the same when shopping for countertops but bring along cabinet samples as well.

2. Choose a countertop that best suits your needs. Surfaces that meet your requirements will stand up better and last longer. This is a major factor in choosing your kitchen’s surface materials as you can get almost any surface material in the colour of your choice.
3. Pair dark cabinets with light stone surfaces and light cabinets with dark stone surfaces for best results.

4. Be sure to hold the colour swatches against the surface material you are considering. This will enable you to see what it would look like in your home.
When redesigning or remodelling your kitchen, be sure to contact a kitchen design expert if you need assistance or have any questions. They can help you select colours, cabinets and surfaces that coordinate and could even show you some new and innovative products that you might like.

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